Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Leather Skort Perfection

Okay, ya'll. I CANNOT get enough of this outfit!!!! I am so in love it's not even funny and I hope that you all love it as much as I do. The best part about this outfit is that it is a little out of the norm for me. I think I have told y'all this before but wearing a lot of black isn't usually my thing. I tend to stick more towards lighter colors and neutral colors. But after wearing this outfit, I think I have changed my opinion on black. I think I will be wearing A LOT more of it. :) 

So let's talk about this skirt. It is perfection!!! I love how it's a skort and fits like shorts but it really looks like a skirt. The leather feels like great quality and it fits true to size. I am a normal size 2 and bought a 2 in this and it was perfect. I love it paired with this keyhole bodysuit. You guys already know how I feel about bodysuits so this topped off this look perfectly for me. I love the design of the bodysuit and how it goes with this black leather skort like a match made in heaven. This outfit just screams edgy, sassy, sophisticated, chic-all at the same time. Pair it with these black lace up heels and bam you've got yourself a killer outfit. This look is perfect for any date night with your love or any night out with your girls. 

How has everyone's week been so far? I am so glad that the week is halfway over! I have had a good week but having a little bit of a tough time dealing with some family issues so please say prayers. I hope you all have a BLESSED rest of the week and a fabulous weekend. 



  1. Love this look!

  2. Leather can be a bit too edgy but u balanced it perfectly with that floral top! Pretty!

    - Tanya

  3. I don't think I realized this was a skort when you posted on Instagram! Love it even more.

    xo, Tammy


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