Monday, April 17, 2017

6 Months of Marriage

All Photography was done by Julia James Laible Photography

My husband and I celebrated 6 months of marriage this past week! Time has FLOWN by. I can't believe it's already been that long. It feels like just the other weekend we were getting ready for the big day. I thought to myself what a perfect time to write a blog post on the beauty of marriage and share some of the beautiful pictures from our wedding day. 

For those of you who don't know, my husband and I met at work right out of college at a company called Insight Global. I never in a million years thought I would meet someone at work but I am so glad that I did! We got married a couple of years later in Raleigh, NC. We had our actual ceremony at Hayes Barton United Methodist Church and our reception at The Merrimon Wynne House. Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew decided to come through Raleigh on the very day we got married and it was very stressful to say the least. The weather was way worse than we could have ever imagined. The power went out during the ceremony right after I walked down to the end of the aisle. We did have a lot of candles burning in the church so everyone said that it was a beautiful site to see. Luckily, we didn't lose power during the reception, so we had SO much fun at that. Everyone was so sick of the nasty weather which I think made everyone drink and have even that much more fun. We had to make the best of the situation after all. Even though the weather was definitely not what we expected or hoped for, we still ended up having a wonderful wedding and loved celebrating with our closest family and friends.

So 6 months of marriage has been absolutely wonderful. Cameron truly is my best friend and we have the most fun together. I can't wait to race home to him everyday after I get home from work. It is the best feeling to be married to someone who you truly enjoy being around. He is my biggest supporter and I am so thankful for that. He encourages me everyday to keep up with my blog and to only get better and better. Marriage is really no different for us than when we were engaged or just dating. We still enjoy all of the same things we used to do, we just get to wear pretty rings on our fingers now. ;) Since we got married, we did bring a new little face to the family. We got a rag doll kitten named Whiskey and we are seriously obsessed with him. It's actually kind of funny how obsessed with are with him. He is the best cat in the world. Pretty much acts like a dog. He has been the best addition to our little family. 

Marriage is wonderful, amazing, hard at times, but the best gift that God has ever given me. I thank Him everyday for bringing Cameron into my life and for allowing us to love each other every single day of our lives. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of marriage! What a beautiful thing it is. So cheers to 6 months and a lifetime to go with my best friend-my husband. 



  1. You two are seriously the cutest! So crazy but I met my boyfriend at my first job out of college as well! Happy six months!!!


  2. You make one gorgeous bride girl! I wish you many, many years of love and happiness!

  3. Can you two be any cuter?? I loved looking at these gorgeous photos and reading about your special day!
    Cheers to many more happy years together!

    Lots of love,


  4. This is so sweet! I loved reading this and learning more about you. I can only imagine how stressful the hurricane made your wedding day, but it's such a beautiful story.

    xo, Tammy

  5. Girl you and I have a very special bond over both getting married during Hurricane Matthew!! October 8th, 2016 was a day meant to be remembered and that it will be :) Love you!!!


  6. Awww happy 6 months. Girl YOU ARE GORGEOUS! Oh my gosh. Perfect wedding pictures.


    Kelly Hoover

  7. This is so beautiful, seriously you two are goals!
    Happy 6 months love <3
    Xo Mackenzie Bay

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