Sunday, May 21, 2017

Seeing Red

If any of you saw my Instagram post from earlier then you know I am having the Sunday Scaries really bad over here. I can't believe the weekend is already almost over and that tomorrow is Monday. Oh well, I will get through it. My friend Bess told me her cure for the Sunday Scaries is a glass of wine so I just went and poured myself a glass of red. Can't hurt right? ;) 

I am so happy to finally be writing a post on this beautiful red Show Me Your Mumu dress. This is probably one of my favorite purchases from them. It is SO flattering and so comfortable. I felt like the little red emoji lady when I was wearing this. I love how it cuts low in the front (but not too low) and the little frills on the sleeves. It is just the perfect babydoll dress. I also love red paired with turquoise so I paired this dress with some of my favorite turquoise tassel earrings to give it an extra pop of color. 

Do any of you have any fun memorial day plans? We are going to a house party on Saturday and then going out on the boat with a bunch of our friends on Sunday. I can't wait!!! I have been dying for a good lake day. If you are still looking for a memorial day weekend outfit, this dress is PERFECT. What better way to celebrate than wearing red? 



  1. GORGEOUS color on you! Dying over the style of this dress!!

    Happy Monday!


    Kelly Hoover

  2. Really love red on you! Your legs are just phenomenal too!

  3. Girl you look AMAZING in that red dress!!! Red is seriously your color and that dress is just gorgeous! :)

    Lots of love,



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