Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wrap Bodysuit + My Favorite Boyfriend Jeans

All pictures by Jim Trice Photography

I want to start this post off the same way I started my Instagram post this morning. "When you go through deep waters, I will be with you."-Isaiah 43:2. I cannot stop thinking about all of the people in Houston who are suffering. It truly, truly breaks my heart. All of the people left without a home. Left with absolutely nothing. And I am sitting here in my dry home on my dry couch with my husband and it just doesn't seem fair. Isn't it crazy how life works? When things like this happen in the world it truly doesn't seem fair. Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me really angry. When I saw a picture on the news of a guy walking in water up to his knees carrying his dog in his hands and trying everything he could do to save them both, I just burst out into tears. I mean the tears would not stop coming. You could see the indescribable pain in his eyes. I just wanted to be able to jump through the screen and help. I wanted to shake God and scream why??? But I have to breathe, take a step back, realize that everything happens for a reason, and remind myself that God is in control and He is with me and everyone that is dealing with the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We will never understand why this kind of stuff happens (that is the beauty of faith) but what we can do is help. I encourage all of you to donate your time, supplies, resources, or money to help out those in need. The people in Houston need our help right now more than we will ever know. The least that we can do is help. I donated earlier through the Nordstrom website. They are giving you an easy click to donate to the American Red Cross on their home page but there are millions of other ways to donate and help. If you have questions about any way you can help please let me know. Let's all join forces and make a difference. Let's PRAY FOR HOUSTON. 

Boyfriend jeans and bodysuits are my two obsessions, especially for Fall. I finally found a good pair of boyfriend jeans and I am soooo excited about it. It was really hard for me to find a good pair that actually looked flattering on. I actually found two pairs. They are both Levi's. One pair is a little bit more cropped but other than that they are very similar. I linked both for you and highly recommend both of them. They fit true to size. I am wearing my normal size 26 in both. 

And can we talk about how cute this bodysuit is?? I love the wrap design and of course I love the color. It also comes in orange and black. I love the back of the bodysuit and the way it ties and bares your back. It's probably one of the most unique yet flattering bodysuits I have ever owned. This one will definitely be on repeat. In fact, jeans and bodysuits will be on repeat ALL Fall long so I apologize in advance if you get sick of them. ;)

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! We are going to the NC State/USC game in Charlotte on Saturday and I can't wait. One of my favorite things about Fall is FOOTBALL SEASON! Anyone else with me on that?



Wednesday, August 30, 2017

WMNutrition + My Fitness Routine

WMNutrition Products: AdvantraSlim All Natural // Pre-Workout // All Natural Protein

A lot of you have been asking me what my fitness routine is and if I use any supplements/nutritional products. This is probably the number one question I get all the time. So I am so excited to finally share this blog post with you! 

As of this week, I will have completed my 41st week of BBG. I have been doing this program for 41 weeks now. WOW! I seriously can't believe it. Not going to lie, I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with the program this long considering that I didn't work out religiously before this. 

A lot of you have questions on what the Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program is and what it does. What I love most about this program is that it is designed for you to get stronger throughout. So as the workouts get harder, your body is able to grow with it and becomes stronger with each new week. That's why it is so important to start this program at the beginning. If you tried to start somewhere in the middle then your body wouldn't be strong enough or ready for the intensity of the workouts. The workouts do change pretty much every four weeks. BBG 3.0 (which I am on now) is very, very hard. I am not going to lie. There are some days when I literally want to cry during the workouts. But trust me when I say that when you complete the workouts, it is the best feeling in the entire world. I was also very properly prepared for BBG 3.0 since I completed BBG 1.0 and 2.0. 

If you are curious about specific details related to the BBG program please read my first fitness post on my blog. You can go to my blog page (, click on the fitness tab at the top, and you will see my very first BBG blog post. It goes into a lot of detail about the specifics of the program and how it works. 
For this post I really wanted to talk about my takeaways from BBG 3.0 specifically. For BBG 3.0, you no longer do four, 7 minute circuits. Instead you do two, 14 minute circuits. This was a very hard change at first because your body is doing consistent workouts with no breaks for a longer period of time. However, my body adapted to the change pretty quickly and I became very used to it. You do still have three resistance training days which are legs, arms, and abs. You also have four cardio days a week. For cardio I normally do 3 days of 35 minutes on the Elliptical and then 1 day of HITT on the treadmill. HITT is where I sprint at about 9.5-10 speed on a slightly inclined treadmill on and off for 30 seconds for 15 minutes total. There were more weighted workouts in 3.0 which was really nice. You won't need as much gym equipment for this one and the workouts are more common to what most people are used to doing. 
What do I love the most about BBG? What I love the most is how strong I have become. My legs by far have seen the most definition from this program. Leg days are extremely hard but they are totally worth it. A lot of you ask me what specific leg workouts I do but they vary so much that it's hard for me to explain. It is a lot of knee ups, jump lunges, burpees, snap jumps, tuck jumps, etc. A lot of JUMPS in there ;) I have also noticed more definition on my arms and my abs. My abs seem to be the hardest part on my body to tone up so I also do additional ab workouts throughout the week in addition to the BBG ab workouts. I usually look up "Ab workouts XHIT" on YouTube and follow one of those workouts at least once a week. A lot of you ask me if I am going to keep doing the program and my answer is absolutely! I have never seen the type of results I have seen from this program and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. I love how the exercises change all the time so I feel like your body doesn't become immune to the workouts which is nice. I encourage everyone to do this program!! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and if you want to learn more you can also go here

Do I do any workouts besides BBG? Yes, I do. I actually have been doing my blogger friend Bess Carter's workouts a lot. She is a fitness guru and is SO good at what she does. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Women's Fitness Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist. She shares her Weekly Workout Routines every Sunday and y'all they are GOOD. They are circuit style (so a little similar to the style of BBG) at-home type workouts. The workouts are different each week and they always leave me feeling like I had an amazing workout. I think it is fun to switch up your workout routine and her workouts definitely help me do that. You can find all of her workouts here

Do I use any supplements to go along with my workouts? Yes, I do. Let's talk a little bit about my favorite naturally focused health system, WMNutrition. WMNutrition is a comprehensive Health System that provides results for your weight loss, performance and general nutrition needs. So many of you ask me what supplements I do along with my workout and I am so excited to finally share with you! So I have been using WMNutrition products for about 3 months now and they have absolutely changed my fitness routine for the better. Two of my absolute favorite products of theirs is AdvantraSlim All Natural and their Pre-Workout
AdvantraSlim is very similar to another product I used to use for years. So when I tried this one I was very, very pleased. This supplement peeks snack cravings by curbing your appetite for up to 4 hours. And trust me when I say it WORKS. When I workout as hard as I do it is very easy to get SO hungry. This has helped me curb my snack cravings a lot and I have noticed a significant decline in my appetite which has been so amazing. It also regulates your mood and boosts your energy. I always tend to get tired throughout the day and this has really helped me with that. I have noticed that I don't have those "crash" feelings throughout the day like I used to. I also love that it is so easy to use. They come in individual packets and all you do is add it to your water, stir it, then drink it. It is that easy. I seriously could not live without this product now. I highly, highly recommend!
The WMNutrition Pre-Workout has also been a game changer for me. Have any of you ever had the hardest time finding a good pre workout?? I know that I sure did. Every product that I tried was way too strong. They would leave me feeling like I had WAY too much energy, very jittery, and sometimes I would feel like I was going to have a heart attack. For that reason I stopped using pre workouts all together. That is until I found this stuff. This pre workout is AMAZING. It comes in an individual packet. No water is required. It tastes really good and all you do is dump the powder into your mouth and swallow. It gives you a perfect amount of energy but not too much. I never felt out of body or too jittery to complete a workout. It gave me that little boost of energy that I felt like I always needed. There was no crash afterwards. It is just all around a great product. You just need to take this 10-15 minutes before your workout. 
I also loved WMNutrition's All Natural Protein. I learned overtime that when losing weight and exercising, it is really important to feed your body and muscles good protein. Not to mention, this stuff is delicious. I have the blueberry and cookies & cream flavor and both are SO good. I do have to say that the cookies & cream flavor is my favorite :) All you have to do is mix this protein with 6-12 ounces of water. I usually drink this 1-2 times a day in between meals. 
I cannot explain to y'all how much I LOVE these new products that I have found. They are well worth the money and they do everything that they say they are going to do. I will be using these products for years now. I am especially so glad that I finally found a pre workout that works well for me. If you have any questions at all about these products please reach out to me. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. I promise that if you stick to these workouts, stick to a healthy diet, and stick to these WMNutrition products, there is no way that you won't see incredible results. 

**You can use code pre50 for 50% off of your pre workout from WMNutrition until the end of this month. You can also use code Partner39 for 39% off of everything else!**


Sunday, August 27, 2017

TrendPay Boutique

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend was a very productive one for me which I am so glad about. My husband and I have stuff coming up every single weekend for just about the next 3 months so if I was going to get anything done then this weekend was the weekend to do it. Sunday was a really great day in general. My husband and I went to a great church service, we cleaned the house, did laundry, went to the grocery store, ran a million other errands, and still managed to cook a great dinner and enjoy some wine together on the porch. I wish every Sunday could be this great and productive!

I wanted to talk to y'all about this really amazing online boutique I came across called TrendPay. This boutique carries a ton of my favorite brands including Show Me Your Mumu, One Teaspoon, Vanessa Mooney, The Jetset Diaries, etc. These brands are great but they can tend to be on the more expensive side. This boutique has come up with an awesome way of doing things. They are allowing people to have a choice in how they pay. For example, you can pay for something in full like you normally would have to at any other place OR you can pay in separate monthly installments. This is a really cool idea because it makes for a unique way for girls to shop online. Basically, this is an online boutique with very trendy, and higher end clothing that allows girls to shop without breaking the bank. I feel like it especially targets young career oriented women. It is genius. If TrendPay would have been around when I was in college or when I just started working in the corporate world (back when I lived off of Ramen noodles like it was my job),  I would have shopped here all the time! Make sure to check them out when you a get a chance. They have some super cute stuff. You can choose how you want to pay and you can use my code "MUMU" for an extra 20% off at checkout. :)

I was so excited to pick out my first items from this boutique. I decided to go with this off the shoulder pompom top and these denim shorts. How cute is the top?? I have been eyeing this top for a while on some other websites so I was really excited to finally get it. The little colorful pompoms on the sleeves are to DIE for. Plus, I just loveeee the over exaggerated bell sleeves. One Teaspoon is one of my favorite denim brands which is why I really wanted to get these shorts. I love how different the shorts are. I love the darker denim details throughout, especially on the two back pockets. These shorts do run a little big so make sure to size down at least 1-2 sizes. I sized down one size and they were still a little big on me. But I love them! I am obsessed with this whole look in general. 

I hope you all have a great Monday and a great start to the week! 



Friday, August 25, 2017

Monica Earrings + Stripe Maxi Dress

I am sure that most of you saw this beautiful maxi dress from Pineapple Collective Boutique when I posted it last week but I just had to share it with you all again because it is just that good. Unfortunately it is almost sold out at Pineapple Collective Boutique but I found it in stock somewhere else and linked if you above at the hyperlinks. It also comes in blue! This gorgeous maxi dress is my last attempt to hold onto Summer and the warm weather that we still have. This dress is perfect for your next big Summer event. I absolutely love the gorgeous silhouette and how it goes down low in the front and ties in the back. I don't think I have ever seen a maxi dress like it! This one for sure is a head turner. 

I chose this dress in the red stripes instead of the blue mainly because I wanted to pair it with these gorgeous turquoise earrings from Lily Lough Boutique. These earring are absolutely gorgeous. I am so obsessed with the beading and the drop style of the earrings. The best part about these earrings is that they are not too heavy. I wear earrings all the time so my earlobes have gotten pretty worn down and I am always very weary at wearing heavy earrings because I don't want to damage them more. But these are just perfect. They also come in 4 colors; turquoise (shown here), yellow, blue, and taupe. I chose the turquoise pair because I think it pairs so perfectly with the color red but I think I need to get the taupe pair because they would be perfect with any Fall outfit. These earrings are only $28 and worth every penny. I encourage you to check out Lily Lough Boutique especially if you are a huge jewelry fan because they truly do have the cutest jewelry and such an excellent selection. You can use code "katy25" to receive 25% off of your entire purchase! :) 

I hope that you all have had an amazing, wonderful week. The weekend is almost here and I can't wait! 


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