Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lace Crop Top

There is something about lace that I just love SO much. We have 4 weddings coming up in the next couple of months and I am pretty sure that I am wearing a lace dress to every single one of them. Hahaha whoops! I can't help myself. Lace is just so elegant. As soon as I saw this lace crop top at Oak & Blossom Boutique I knew I had to have it. I just love it so much. You all know I love a good crop top but throw lace into it like this and it makes for the perfect top. It is so crisp and clean and classier than your normal crop top which I really like. 

I decided to keep this look pretty simple since the top pretty much speaks for itself so I paired it with my favorite pair of white distressed denim. By the way, you NEED these pants in your life! They are made by Free People, aren't expensive at all and come in so many different colors. I love the big holes in the knees. I have them in white (shown here), a dark colored denim wash, and a light colored denim wash. They are the perfect pair of skinny jeans for Fall and fit true to size. I wanted to bring out the pretty lilac color of the top in my earrings so I wore these amazing colorful tassel earrings by BaubleBar and then decided to keep my shoes neutral to bring the outfit together effortlessly. 

You all definitely need to check out Oak & Blossom Boutique and all of their new arrivals. They just have a great variety of stuff and everything is so cute. Make sure to use code "katy20" to receive 20% off of your purchase! 

Any fun weekend plans for anyone?? We are staying in Charlotte and are going to get some things done that we need to get done before Wedding Season is in full swing. Seriously, starting next weekend we pretty much have weddings, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and wedding showers until the end of the year. It's going to be crazy busy but SO much fun! 


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Show Me Your Mumu Marianne Wrap Dress

I am going to try and hold onto Summer for as long as I can in this beautiful dress from Show Me Your Mumu. I am just obsessed with this. The print is absolutely stunning and I just love how it wraps and ties. Wrap tie maxis are my absolute favorite. I always tend to buy those. I feel like they are so flattering on so many figures. Doesn't this dress just give you heart eyes? It is so light and airy and flowy. You can wear this to so many special occasions. The list is endless. You definitely need to grab this beauty before the cold weather gets here. If you have any late Summer weddings or showers then this has your name written all over it. :)

I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my favorite bible verses. It is Isaiah 43:5-"Do not be afraid for I am with you." This has always been one of my favorite bible verses. Even when I was a little girl my mom told me I used to say this all the time and repeat it over and over again whenever I was scared. Well, this is definitely a verse that has stuck with me throughout the years. Life can be scary. It is scary sometimes when we are kids and it is even more scary in adulthood because we are responsible for our own lives and our own future. I have done a lot of things recently that were "scary". I finally quit the corporate world after being in it for 5 years to pursue my dreams. As you all know from my last post, I decided to part ways with two important relationships in my life. I married my best friend. Marriage is absolutely amazing but anyone can relate to the fact that sometimes the thought of it at first can sometimes be "scary". My husband and I are now talking about buying a house in the near future and even that is "scary". There is just constant worry about everything. Will we be able to afford what we want? Will we be house poor? What if we pull the trigger too fast and regret it? Are we ready for that type of commitment? All of these millions of things run through your head with every decision you make, right? All of these decisions are "scary" because we cannot predict the outcome. We are taking a risk and making a change and change is not always fun nor is it easy. During all of these scary times in my life this year I have constantly reminded myself that God is in control. He is right there with me in every decision and He will see me through. Isn't it so amazing to know that you don't have to make these decisions alone?? Every hard decision that I have made so far this year I prayed about over and over again. So much so that God was probably sick of hearing about it (haha, totally kidding). But what I have learned is that when God gives you a peace about something, you just have to go with it, even if it doesn't 100% make sense to you or isn't the easiest decision for you to make. He won't lead you in the wrong direction. In every decision I have made this year God has remained faithful. I have been blessed beyond measures. Where I have lost something, I have gained it somewhere else or with someone else tenfold. I encourage you to trust more in God, to trust in Him when you are scared, to pray hard in times of decision making and when God gives you peace about a decision, go with it and trust Him.  

I want to leave you all with a little homework to do this week. Anytime you feel anxious or start to get scared, repeat Isaiah 43:5, in your head or out loud over and over again. I bet you will be surprised at how quickly you feel God's peace come over you. It is so easy to get scared and worried in life. Just remember to trust in Him and remember that you are not going through any of it alone. 


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fall Florals Crop Top

Fall is just around the corner and I am having so much fun with the transition of my outfits. I just got this cute off the shoulder crop top from Walter Green Boutique (p.s. it's only $34!). Tops like this are so easy to wear for Fall transition because you can style them so many different ways. I decided to style this one with jean shorts and booties. It could easily be paired with high waisted denim and heels, boots, or booties.  Even when the weather gets colder you could pair a cardigan or a cute little jacket over it. The options just go on and on. To give my look a pop of Fall I wore my favorite booties with it. How perfect would this look be to wear to a country concert?? I mean you can certainly wear this look to SO many other places but a country concert just sticks out in my head. P.S. These booties were one of my favorite purchases from a couple of years ago. They are amazing quality and the suede is SO soft. I found them on sale for you so make sure to check them out at the links above or below!

I have to brag on Walter Green Boutique for a minute. They reached out to me about a month ago and they are just the sweetest people ever. Not to mention their clothes are adorable. They are getting a ton of new arrivals including new Fall stuff so make sure to check them out. I promise that you won't be disappointed! 

Did everyone have a great weekend? Friday night my husband and I stayed in and it was so great. I am starting to love nights in so much. Saturday we went to the PGA Championship in Charlotte but didn't last very long. Y'all, it was SO HOT. Like I was seriously melting. I don't think I have been that hot in a really long time. Hahaha I just laugh thinking back on it. Today we went to Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick gave an amazing sermon as always. I watched a guy tell his story before his baptism and his story is very similar to my dad's story. He was a drug addict and ended up finding Jesus and is now a changed man. There were major tears shed by me during his entire story I can promise you that. It gave me major hope that maybe the same thing could happen to my dad. 

Thank you all again for your sweet words from my last post. I have never felt such an outpour of love and my hear is SO FULL. I love you guys more than you will ever know and I am so thankful for every one of you. 


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Show Me Your Mumu Floral Set

All photos by: Jim Trice Photography

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Y'all, this week has flown by for me. I seriously can't believe it's already over. I think this week may have been the busiest I have ever been between work meetings, writing for the blog, photoshoots for the blog, photo shoots for boutiques, etc. It is nice being busy though. :) 

This little two piece set from Show Me Your Mumu is one of my favorite purchases of the year. It is so different than any two piece set that I have ever seen and I love it. It is so comfy too which is the best part. I am in love with the floral embroidery around the edges. I think it makes the outfit so unique. I completely forgot to take a picture of the back of the shirt (idiot over here) but the back is one of my favorite parts! It comes down really low and really makes the whole outfit pop. If you're not really into two piece sets these pieces can also easily be worn with other things. The top would look so cute with jeans or shorts and the bottoms would look so cute with a blouse tucked in, a bodysuit, or a crop top. You could find a shirt that brought out the colors in the floral design and it wold be such a pretty outfit. Everything fits true to size. I am wearing a size small in both the top and the shorts. 

I am going to be very real right now. I have had a tough year this year. My parents are going through a divorce, my dad is in jail, I had a huge falling out with one of my best friends, and I've had unnecessary drama throughout. All of those things were things that were completely out of my control but isn't it funny how we can beat ourselves up about situations that ultimately we have no control over? I have days when I am okay and days when I am not. It is especially hard for me to realize that my father is in jail and it hurts to admit that. A quote I love is "God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers". I truly believe this. I have had to cut some people out of my life (including my dad) this year and it was really hard, especially at first. However, I can honestly say that right now I am the happiest I have ever been in life. I am chasing my dreams, work is great and very busy, my husband and I are better than ever, and I have truly realized who my best friends are. It is so easy to look at the glass half empty sometimes and I am not going to lie, there are days when I do. But y'all, LIFE IS GOOD. And life is beautiful. I have an amazing God, husband, family, and friends who love me and want me to succeed. When the days are tough I lean on the Lord to give me strength. He has truly shown me this year that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes I just have to let things go and let Him be in control. I have learned that I don't need unnecessary drama in my life. If people bring any negativity to my life then they are cut out immediately. I don't have time for that and neither should you. My dad battling an addiction and going to jail and my parents going through a horrible divorce has really opened my eyes to what is important in life and what isn't. And stupid petty drama isn't. Life is too short to be surrounded by jealousy, hate, and constant criticism. Remember to surround yourself around people who truly love you and have your best interest at heart. You will know who those people are. My biggest life motto now is "collaboration over competition". Life should never be a comparison game. We as women should all work to lift each other up and to help each other be successful. If we don't, then we are only hurting ourselves in the end. And always remember that there is no better revenge than success. 

I love each and every one of you. I appreciate your support more than you know. This blog would not be successful if it weren't for you. Thanks for letting me share my heart with you. I hope that you all have an amazing weekend! 



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