Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Transition into Fall

How cute is this little dress from Show Me Your Mumu? The print is on point and so perfect for a transition into Fall. Of course, my favorite part about the dress is the low back. Once again the low back takes an ordinary, casual dress and adds a pop of sexy which you all know that I love. This dress  is one of those dresses that I will probably keep forever because you can just wear it to so many things. I wore it to dinner the other night with my friend Liz and her boyfriend and it was so comfy. Felt like I was wearing PJ's all night. Isn't that the best?? It is easy to dress up or down. And I love how you can transition it into Fall by wearing boots or booties with it. 

So let's talk about some of the easiest ways to transition your wardrobe into Fall: 

1) Wear dresses with boots or booties-Just like with this outfit, I took a dress that could easily be worn with wedges or sandals and paired it with a good pair of peep toe booties to give it that "Fall feel". This is an amazing way to transition into the cooler weather. You don't have to wear booties with a dress either. You can easily wear any dress with regular sized boots or OTK boots. Dresses look great with any boots in general!

2) Wear a cardigan, blazer, or jacket- I didn't wear a cardigan with this dress but I easily could have. Whenever it gets cool enough outside this dress would pair perfectly with an easy cardigan to throw over it. You can do this with any dress. This also applies to tanks, shirts, etc. A way to take any type of dress, romper, tank, or shirt into more of a Fall look is to pair it with a cardigan, blazer, or jacket. Suede, leather, and denim jackets are huge right now and look great over so many things. Bomber jackets are also a good option and are very on trend. 

3) Wear sweaters with shorts or skirts- This is one of my favorite ways to transition into Fall. I love taking a sweater and pairing it with my favorite denim shorts or my favorite skirt. This look is also KILLER. It shows off your legs but also gives off the casual vibe. I absolutely love it and you will be seeing me sport it a lot more now. 

4) Start bringing out your favorite jeans- Jeans are obviously a must have for Fall and cooler temperatures. I absolutely love jeans. They are one of my favorite things to buy. I have way too many and should probably get rid of some but I just keep buying more! Does anyone else have that problem?? Haha. Jeans are my favorite accessory. Before temperatures get cooler, I love to start bringing out my jeans at the beginning of the Fall season and I pair them with crop tops, tanks, bodysuits, things like that. Once it gets a little cooler outside I then start pairing my jeans with sweaters, long sleeve shirts, blouses, etc. Boyfriend jeans and distressed jeans are really popular this year. I actually just bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans so I will be showing you guys soon! 

These are my 4 biggest tips and tricks to transitioning into Fall. It is way more easier to do than you think. I absolutely LOVE Fall clothing so I am super excited to transition. Fall is probably my favorite season just because it's not too hot but also not too cold. The weather is just right. I love how you can wear shorts with sweaters and jeans with tanks. When it starts getting super cold outside, that's when I start not being as happy. Me and cold weather don't really get along. ;) So I am excited to enjoy the rest of the Summer weather that we have and transition into Fall before Winter comes. If you have any questions about how to transition your wardrobe into Fall or ever want to ask me if I think something looks good please feel free to leave a comment on my blog below, email me (mumuandmacaroons@gmail.com), or send me a DM on Instagram (@mumuandmacaroons). 

Hope you all have a great rest of your day! XOXO



  1. ALL of your tips are so very true and ones I follow without a doubt! I love wearing booties with shorts or dresses; I think that just looks SO fall without having a heat stroke haha! And cozy cardigans with cut offs...a total MUST!
    Love this post babe!


    Kelly Hoover | www.theglamorousteacher.com

  2. This is the cutest little dress! I love all these tips on how to transition! I couldn't have said it better myself! :)


  3. I love your tips on transitioning into fall! All of these options are so cute and will never fail! I love this outfit that you put together and I can't wait to see more of your fall looks! :)

    Lots of love,




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