Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Show Me Your Mumu Marianne Wrap Dress

I am going to try and hold onto Summer for as long as I can in this beautiful dress from Show Me Your Mumu. I am just obsessed with this. The print is absolutely stunning and I just love how it wraps and ties. Wrap tie maxis are my absolute favorite. I always tend to buy those. I feel like they are so flattering on so many figures. Doesn't this dress just give you heart eyes? It is so light and airy and flowy. You can wear this to so many special occasions. The list is endless. You definitely need to grab this beauty before the cold weather gets here. If you have any late Summer weddings or showers then this has your name written all over it. :)

I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my favorite bible verses. It is Isaiah 43:5-"Do not be afraid for I am with you." This has always been one of my favorite bible verses. Even when I was a little girl my mom told me I used to say this all the time and repeat it over and over again whenever I was scared. Well, this is definitely a verse that has stuck with me throughout the years. Life can be scary. It is scary sometimes when we are kids and it is even more scary in adulthood because we are responsible for our own lives and our own future. I have done a lot of things recently that were "scary". I finally quit the corporate world after being in it for 5 years to pursue my dreams. As you all know from my last post, I decided to part ways with two important relationships in my life. I married my best friend. Marriage is absolutely amazing but anyone can relate to the fact that sometimes the thought of it at first can sometimes be "scary". My husband and I are now talking about buying a house in the near future and even that is "scary". There is just constant worry about everything. Will we be able to afford what we want? Will we be house poor? What if we pull the trigger too fast and regret it? Are we ready for that type of commitment? All of these millions of things run through your head with every decision you make, right? All of these decisions are "scary" because we cannot predict the outcome. We are taking a risk and making a change and change is not always fun nor is it easy. During all of these scary times in my life this year I have constantly reminded myself that God is in control. He is right there with me in every decision and He will see me through. Isn't it so amazing to know that you don't have to make these decisions alone?? Every hard decision that I have made so far this year I prayed about over and over again. So much so that God was probably sick of hearing about it (haha, totally kidding). But what I have learned is that when God gives you a peace about something, you just have to go with it, even if it doesn't 100% make sense to you or isn't the easiest decision for you to make. He won't lead you in the wrong direction. In every decision I have made this year God has remained faithful. I have been blessed beyond measures. Where I have lost something, I have gained it somewhere else or with someone else tenfold. I encourage you to trust more in God, to trust in Him when you are scared, to pray hard in times of decision making and when God gives you peace about a decision, go with it and trust Him.  

I want to leave you all with a little homework to do this week. Anytime you feel anxious or start to get scared, repeat Isaiah 43:5, in your head or out loud over and over again. I bet you will be surprised at how quickly you feel God's peace come over you. It is so easy to get scared and worried in life. Just remember to trust in Him and remember that you are not going through any of it alone. 




  1. Love the dress! What a beautiful post! I needed to personally read this today as I am sitting in my doctors office due to some unexpected pregnancy complications. Thanks!!

  2. You're officially my favorite and love that verse and the next few that go along with it! So good!!

  3. You are so inspirational! This is exactly what I needed to read today! Thank you for being a light to everyone that follows you! Xx

  4. I LOVE that bible verse. You and your husband will find an amazing home together, I am sure of it. Just give it all to God and He will make your paths straight!
    Love this dress too!! SO gorgeous, as always!


    Kelly Hoover | www.theglamorousteacher.com

  5. Katy! I absolutely LOVE this post! Everything about it is so true. Thanks for this, I needed it today!

  6. You are so correct and I thank you for sharing God's word with me and others! What a true blessing you are, my love!! I couldn't be prouder of you!! Also I am getting this dress!! You are beautiful in it as always!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your faith. I needed these encouraging words. You are so special and such a blessing.

  8. Katy, you are seriously such an inspiration! Thank you so much for this post girl, I really needed to hear this today! I have been worried about the future when I know that I do not need to worry because God is in control.

    Also, you are the prettiest!!! :)

    Lots of love,



  9. This verse is perfect! Thank you for sharing and definitely agree with having it make you feel better! This dress is so beautiful love the wrap style too!

    xo Jenna


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