Monday, October 16, 2017

Free People Lace + Velvet Top

All Photos by: Jim Trice Photography

Monday, we meet again. Doesn't it always seem like the weekends go by way too fast? To say that this weekend was a great weekend would definitely be a false statement. It was a rough and emotional one for me to say the least. This year has felt like somewhat of an emotional roller coaster and as soon as I think I am fine something else is thrown in my face or something else happens that pushes me back down again. I decided this weekend that I am done with the nonsense. I am done with the bullying. I am ready to take charge of my life. The only person who can control how I feel is me. I have decided that the best thing for me to do right now in my life and with my current situations is to see a therapist and a life coach. I hate how therapy can be something that is looked down upon because in actuality it is something that we could all benefit from. Never be ashamed to admit that you have seen a therapist or do want to seek therapy. It is something that all of us could benefit from whether we all want to admit it to ourselves or not.  I saw a therapist for a few months in college and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. To learn more about the benefits of therapy check out this article.

I have also decided to join a small group at my church. This is a new journey that I am very, very excited about. I used to do a small group bible study with my girlfriends from college for a couple of years and somehow it kind of died down. It was very beneficial for me during that time even when life was really, really good. So I am even more excited to join now that life has thrown me some curve balls. There is just something about interacting, connecting, and talking with other girls who are christians and who love the Lord. It's unlike any other connection you can find with anyone else. It is a place where you can open up, talk about your problems, your struggles, and your downfalls without feeling like you are being judged. And it is a place where others will share God's love, forgiveness and truth. I am going to be joining an all girls small groups with girls in the age group of 25-35 but I also want my husband and I to do a couple's small group together with newly weds. This will also be great for our marriage and will help us create relationships with other couples who are in the same stage of life as us. If you are in Charlotte and would like to join a small group please reach out to me and I can help you out in any way possible. There is something about finally taking the reins of your own life and doing positive things for your life that is really empowering. I hope that I can help some of you do the same. 

I did want to take a minute to talk about how adorable this velvet Free People top from Foi Clothing is. It has lace AND velvet. It doesn't get much better than that. You all know that I am obsessed with velvet and these lace puffy sleeves are just to die for. I absolutely love this top in black but it also comes in another color which I linked for you above and below. This top is perfect for Fall and is so trendy. Make sure to grab this one from Foi before it completely sells out. I've already seen a few sizes go! 




  1. I love free people! This outfit is so cute! And Joining a small group is AMAZING! Yay girl! excited for you!!


    Kelly Hoover |

  2. How brave are you for sharing this with all of us! Everyone goes through tough times and it's how you move forward. I know that God is going to work wonders in that small group and in therapy to give you great relief!

    P.S. Love your outfit! :)

  3. I have been looking for a small group to join too, so you will have to let me know how you like it! I would love to meet and surround myself with some more Christian girls!

    Your outfit is also gorgeous! Those black lace sleeves are the perfect mix of classy and chic! You are gorgeous, my friend! :)

    Lots of love,


  4. You are so strong girl and don't let anyone make you feel anything less than perfect and amazing because that's what you are! Bullying is 100% not okay and I am so glad you are going to talk to someone. I used to go to therapy as well for bullying and it was the best decision I ever made.
    Always here for you love!


  5. Katy you're gorgeous! I love this outfit so much!

  6. The lace detail in the sleeves and then the ripped jeans! Love the combo!

    xo Jenna


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