Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Furniture Thrills-My Favorite New Furniture Concept

Hey guys! So I am sitting here in beautiful Charleston. We just got in last night. I woke up early this morning and just made myself a nice cup of coffee and I wanted to tell y'all about my new favorite furniture concept. I know that I don't write about furniture a lot but I absolutely loveeeee interior design almost as much as I love fashion so I do want to start utilizing it in my blog more and more. So here goes!

I am sure a lot of you are wondering what "Furniture Thrills" is. I didn't know about it either until I had a friend from high school reach out to me a couple of months ago about it. Her name is Anne and she told me that she had started this furniture company and asked if I needed anything for our place. I was really excited that she reached out to me because we actually did need a piece of furniture. We needed a good corner shelf. She found this great corner shelf for me that is pictured above and I absolutely love it. Before this piece we had this weird shelf that I found on Craig's List 5 years ago. It was black, didn't go with most of our other white furniture, and wasn't truly a corner shelf so it always looked a little weird. I am so glad that my friend Anne stepped in and helped out. 

Be sure to check out my friend's Instagram account @furniturethrills - she is selling awesome pieces of furniture and accessories for your home! She did find this amazing piece for me that matches the rest of our home. All I did was tell her what I was looking for, she found it within 2 days, and had it delivered to me right away. The process was seamless. She has all sorts of goodies such as headboards, end tables, mirrors, and so much more! She is located in Chapil Hill, NC but offers shipping for those that aren't local to her area. 

How it works is that she will post Instagram photos of available pieces and you can just comment "sold" or "interested" or send her a direct message if there is anything that you are interested in. She is happy to give you any extra information you need in regards to the pieces. You just pay via Venmo or PayPal - SO easy!! Also if there is anything specific that you are looking for let her know - she just might be able to find the perfect piece for your space. That's what she did for me!

If you are in need of any furniture at all, I highly recommend reaching out to Anne at @furniturethrills. She really does have an amazing thing going and the customer service experience for me was absolutely amazing. The next time we need furniture I will definitely be going through her versus a typical furniture store. Let me know if y'all have any questions! I hope y'all love our new little corner piece. I think it fits just perfectly with the rest of our cozy little townhouse. :) 




  1. This is great! Always searching for things and it takes forever! I will have to go and check her out!
    Thanks Katy, the corner shelf looks great!

    Xo Jenna

  2. Everything is so cute! you make me want to go buy a home. AND, of course, I LOVE that cat picture frame! so cute!!


    Kelly Hoover |

  3. I love this little corner piece! I am just dying over the 'Best Cat Ever' frame. OMG!


  4. That corner shelf is so cute! I love it! And that is such a great idea with trying to find furniture!

    Xo, Steph

  5. I would love to see more interior design posts like these! I am also a sucker for home decor :)

    Lots of love,



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