Friday, January 19, 2018

Cropped Floral Jumpsuit

It's Friday!!! Does anyone have any big weekend plans? My husband and I are going to a wedding in Charleston, SC this weekend and I am SO excited. It snowed here in Charlotte this week so I am really excited to get away (not a huge snow fan). It looks like it is going to be pretty warm this weekend in Charleston too which is nice! Is anyone else not a huge snow fan?? I feel like every single blogger that I follow on Instagram took amazing pictures out in the snow and I stayed in bed all day and enjoyed every second of it. I guess you can say #bloggerfail haha. 

I wanted to give y'all a little life update from my other post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Things are going really well. Not much has changed in terms of blogging but I have learned when to listen to myself. If I have had a stressful day and don't feel like posting then I won't. If I feel like unplugging from social media on the weekends then I will. Before a couple of weeks ago, I drove myself crazy making myself feel like I had to be the most perfect blogger and post every single day, even twice a day. While I do still try and do that because I truly do love my job, I am better at listening to myself now and giving myself a break when I need a break. This has taken a lot of pressure off of me and has helped me to enjoy my job even more. My relationship with the Lord has grown tremendously. I have been going to church every single Sunday, doing my devotion every single morning before I start my day, and I also started a new devotion with one of my friends, Bess. My husband and I are also joining a couple's life group with our church in February.  I cannot wait! God is so good. When I started focusing on Him more than social media and the circumstances going on in my life, it is crazy the joy that I started to feel. He truly is love and I hope that you all seek to experience that same kind of love. 

I found this floral jumpsuit at Sabi Boutique and I just love it so much. This is my second jumpsuit that I am sharing with y'all this week so you have to know how much I love them now. Sorry! ;) This one is so comfortable and true to size. It does dip a little low in the front but it fits tight enough to where you don't have to worry about wearing fashion tape which is nice. I am obsessed with the crop pants, the pockets, and of course, the adorable open back. The florals make it great for Spring but the maroon color also makes it great to wear right now. This would be perfect to wear to any wedding or special night that you have coming up. I also think it looks fabulous paired with a white faux fur coat and it is a stylish way to stay warm. You can use code MUMU15 to receive 15% off of your entire purchase at Sabi Boutique. Make sure to check them out because they have the cutest new arrivals. I hope you all have an amazing and blessed weekend! 

Daily Devotional: "Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." 2 Corinthians 4:17



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