Sunday, January 7, 2018

Velvet X Leather

HEY GUYS!!!!! It has been a WHILE. I am so, so sorry that it has been so long since I have written a blog post. Let's just say that life has been CRAZY. 

First of all, it was really hard to get back into a routine after the Holidays. I am sure that has been really hard for everyone. Right after Christmas my husband and I were busy planning our trip to the mountains with some of our best friends so I do apologize for not being as active on here during that time. 

Second of all, life has really hit me hard. Not in necessarily a bad way, but in a very real way. One of my favorite bloggers, Karlie Rae, did an Instagram story last week about a sermon she listened to and it was all about what you "place your ladder" on. In that scenario, ladder basically means your life, your happiness, your thoughts, your time, and your everything. So in other words, what is it in your life that you put the most energy towards, that helps to define you, and that you base your happiness on? This is a very tough question and the more I thought about it the more I realized that I was placing my ladder on SOCIAL MEDIA. In other words, I came to the harsh realization that social media was consuming most of my time, most of my energy, and more importantly I was letting it control my feelings. How crazy is that?! It was a very hard thing for me to admit to myself but also something that needed to happen. Why, you may ask?

Well, I needed a harsh reality call. And boy did I get one. This past week I did a lot of self reflecting and came to the realization that there is so much more to life than social media. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging and I always will, but for me to let blogging and my presence on social media define me as a person was absolutely absurd. There was a point (and I am sure that many other bloggers can relate if they are really honest with themselves) when I was basing a lot of my happiness on how many likes I got on a picture, how many items of clothing I sold and how many followers I gained. It sucks for me to admit that but it's the truth and I promise you guys that I will always be real with you.  However, I am so glad that I was able to admit this to myself  because it is finally when we admit we have a problem that we are able to make a change. This past week I have felt an emptiness like no other. I went into a little bit of a depression and there were days when I didn't want to leave the couch, wanted to sleep all day, and didn't want to be on social media at all. 

Then I realized that I have felt this type of emptiness before. It was back in college when I put all of my energy and happiness into a relationship that suddenly ended and I was left feeling hopeless, heartbroken, and totally insecure. This is the kind of emptiness that only God can fill. I know this because I have been here before and back in college when this happened and I had nothing but Jesus, MAN DID HE COME THROUGH. He always does and He always will. Suddenly my broken heart turned into the best thing that ever happened to me because I had a relationship with Jesus that was on FIRE and stronger than ever. I went back to college after the Summer with a new heart, a new outlook on life, and a new purpose. Obviously life happens and sometimes we can slip away from some of the most important things in our life, including our relationship with God. Our God is amazing though because He always brings us back. It is often in our hardest and darkest hours when we can hear God calling us back to Him the most. This week I felt God calling. 

I am excited to get my life back on track. I am excited to begin a new relationship with God and to lean my ladder on Him. Leaning your ladder on anything other than God will only leave you feeling empty inside every single time. I will still be on social media and I will still continue to blog but I will not let it consume my life like it was. There are so many more important things in life and I am so excited to spend more time with God, my family and my friends and to let the Lord be the one and only thing that defines my happiness. Everything and anything else will only leave me disappointed. I may not post as often as I used to but I promise that I will still continue to engage with all of you. Please bare with me as I begin this new season in my life. There will be times when I need to "unplug" and I may not post every single day. But I promise that I am not going anywhere for too long. You guys are my heart and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I can't say enough how much you all mean to me. 

"I have MADE you and I will CARRY you; I will SUSTAIN you and I will RESCUE you." Isaiah 46:4




  1. SO needed this today friend. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Katy I love you and I love this post. I love how honest you are with yourself and with your followers. It’s easy to get sucked into social media and I think it’s so important to unplug every once in awhile. I know you work your butt off and I’m sure your blog will continue to be insanely successful even if you post less often. I can’t wait to follow your walk with God.

  3. Thank you for sharing. You are truly blessed with a gift of connecting with others. God bless you- Alicia

  4. I loved reading this. You are truly blessed with an ease of connecting with others. My God continue to bless you and may you be a beacon to bring others to know Him. All the best- Alicia

  5. Katy this was real and raw and straight from the heart! Your story will help so many and myself from feeling social media is our end all! We all need to remember Jesus a little bit more! Thank you for reminding me! I always look forward to your posts!

    Xo Jenna

  6. This is awesome! Needed to read this today. Having a relatiinship with God fills every void..believe me, i know. There was a time when God was the only sure being in my life. My 7 yr old son battled leukemia back in 2014 n 2015. He is in remission, praise God! But i know what you mean about trying to fill voids and feeling empty inside. Ive learned as long as God is the center of your life, everything else falls into place!

  7. such a cute look! I love this post!! SO glad you go through these kinds of things too. I go back and forth between wanting my blog to grow and wanting to focus less on social media. Very delicate balance.

  8. YES!! God is the best and only thing to rely on. It is so hard in this social media world...espeically when you job revolves around it. Proud of you Katy and lucky to say that we are blogger friends! 2018 is going to be an amazing year for you babe!


    Kelly Hoover |

  9. Amen sister! I haven't been blogging long at all, but I can see how easy it is to get consumed by social media. Don't apologize for needing to take a break every once in a while, more people should do the same!

  10. So proud of you for posting that and being so vulnerable. So many of you fans and peers didn’t get to read or hear this and I believe they will be blessed by it, in article or video form. Will be praying for you as you welcome that FIRE back into you daily life!

  11. I’m brand new to following you and I’m a fellow blogger and you just spoke to my heart.. and inspired me to get back to my heart - writing!!! It’s my passion and it’s been calling me along with my own spirituality... thank you for your incredible bravery for being so vulnerable in this blog post and your beauty on all levels xo! Def a new follower and I’m rooting for you - keep being real it’s your light xo! ��������

  12. Yes yes yes!!! I love this post! I recently started a blog and love it but I was also doing the same thing!! God is the only way we can truly be happy and feel less anxious! I am praying for you to have a wonderful stress free year ahead and a blessing to reach others on your blog!! So glad to have a sister in Christ!!


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