Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide-Hers & His

This is my first Valentine's Gift Guide and I am so excited to share it with all of you. The first gift guide is for us girls. I created this with things in mind that I would love to receive. These gifts could be given to that special girl in your life or your best friend. They make for great Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day gifts. Below is a little description on each:

**Click on the name of each item and it will take you to where you can buy**
1) BaubleBar Tassel Earrings - These earrings come in multiple colors and ANY girl would love these. I have them in red and white and wear them all the time. 
2) Monogrammed Jewelry Box - You all know that I love anything monogrammed and this jewelry box is no exception. I love how it is pink and has the gold monogram on the top. This jewelry box would be a perfect gift for any girl. 
3) Hanky Panky Lace Underwear - These are hands down the best underwear brand and any girl would agree. I love how this comes in a heart shaped gift box and includes 3 different colors. 
4) Silk Pillowcase - Silk pillowcases are so amazing to sleep on and they are great for your skin. I personally have one and I love it. These come in several different colors and would make for a great gift that someone could use every single day. 
5) Monogrammed Pendant Necklace - I LOVE this cute little monogrammed necklace. This is hands down a perfect gift for any girl. 
6) Kendra Scott Necklace - Girls love Kendra Scott and this necklace is one of my favorite KS necklaces. I have it and wear it all the time. This would be a great gift for Valentine's Day. The pendant stone comes in multiple colors including red and pink. 
7) Silk PJ Set - This is hands down the cutest PJ set EVER. I am obsessed. It comes in multiple colors and also comes with a matching sleep mask. How cute is that??
8) Gold Heart Pendant Necklace - This gold heart pendant necklace makes for THE most perfect Valentine's Day present. I just love it!
9) Travel Jewelry Case - I absolutely love a good traveling jewelry case and this one is the cutest. It make it so much easier for us girls to travel with our favorite accessories. I love that it comes in multiple colors and this is something that any girl could use.
10) Voluspa Diffuser - Voluspa is one of my favorite brands for candles and diffusers. This one smells amazing and what girl doesn't love to put diffusers around their house? They are amazing!
11) Glass Bowl Candle - This candle is not only gorgeous but it also smells amazing and comes in multiple scents. It would look gorgeous in any home.
12) Porcelain Heart Shaped Dish - This is the cutest little porcelain dish and is so perfect for a Valentine's Day gift since it is in a heart shape. This is perfect to put as an added decoration in any home and girls can put their jewelry in it. I have one beside my bed that I always put my rings in before I go to sleep at night. I also love the cute little saying on this one!
13) 'I love you to the Moon and Back' Cuff - This gold cuff is adorable and probably one of my favorite items on the gift guide. I love how it says "I love you to the Moon and Back". I hope my husband gets me this one! It is something that I could wear everyday and look down and be reminded of him.

We all know that guys are harder to buy for. So I wanted to put this little gift guide together to make it easier for you girls to buy for your man. All of these items I would 100% get for my husband. Below is  little description on each: 

**Click on the name of each item and it will take you to where you can buy**
1) PJ Pants - What guys doesn't love a good pair of PJ pants? I know that my husband could always use a new pair. These are so soft and come in multiple pattern options. 
2) Nike Long Sleeve Workout Shirt - I loveeee the look of this long sleeve workout shirt. It comes in multiple colors and is perfect for any man in your life to wear at the gym or just casually out and about. 
3) The Jet Pack Set - This set is an awesome grooming set for any guy. It includes facial cleanser, face moisturizer, shave lather, body lotion, and body bar scrubbing soap. This is an amazing brand as well. 
4) Patagonia Pullover - I LOVE THIS! I am 100% going to get this for my husband for Valentine's Day. It comes in so many different color options and is a great gift for any guy. 
5) Iconic Watch - If you are looking to spend a little more money on your man, then this gift is perfect. This is an awesome watch and it also tracks steps and anything fitness/health related. I am thinking about also getting this for my husband since he has never had a watch like this before.
6) Leather Strap Watch - I loveeee the look of this watch. So classic and would look great on any guy!
7) Duffle Bag - Any guy could use a new duffle bag and I love the look of this one. It also comes in black! 
8) Bluetooth Headphones - These headphones are great quality and come in multiple colors. This would be a great gift for your man if they love to workout a lot and listen to music. 
9) Under Armour Polo Shirt - My husband already has this shirt and it is one of my favorites. It is so light weight and a perfect polo shirt for the Spring/Summer. It also comes in multiple color options. 
10) Razor & Travel Kit - This an amazing travel kit for any guy that has to shave a lot. My husband has to shave every single day for work and this kit includes everything that he would need. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I hope you all enjoyed these gift guides. If you have any questions about any of the items please feel free to reach out to me. I have to know, what are your plans for Valentine's Day? Are you going on a hot date with your man or will you be hanging with your best girlfriends? Let me know in the comments. My husband and I still don't know what we are doing so if you have any fun date night suggestions in Charlotte let me know! :)



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