Monday, April 30, 2018

Welcome to our Home!

Happy Tuesday friends! I am SO excited to finally share our house tour with you!! For those of you who don't know, my husband and I bought our very first house about 3 months ago and we have been working hard getting it ready and making it feel like "home" to us. There are still some things we want to do to it but we feel like it has come along way in 3 months and are so excited to finally share some of the rooms with you. I wanted to start off by sharing our living room, dining room, breakfast nook, and kitchen with you. Throughout the next month I will be sharing our master bedroom, master bath, my office, my getting ready room, our guest room, our guest bath and our patio with you. So stay tuned for those! Below you will find pictures of our home. I hope you enjoy!

For the design of our house, I worked a lot with Queen City Home Store. Cathy Jones works at Queen City Home Store and she is the interior designer that helped us with most of our design. She is absolutely amazing! If you are looking for design advice I highly recommend reaching out to Cathy. She has been doing interior design for many years, is so so sweet, and definitely knows her stuff. I wouldn't have been able to do this without her. 

My husband and I have worked with the designers at Queen City Home Store to find many of the pieces you've already seen in my pictures. And, now just for you I am able to offer a 10% discount on these or any Queen City Home Store items. Just mention code Katy25. You can personally reach out to Cathy via email at or you can always call into the store at 704-889-3301. They are more than happy to help. If you see anything from my collection that you really like, all you would need to do is call or email and they can help you with pricing, ordering, delivery, etc. 

Things we got from Queen City Home Store:
1) Sofa - Our sofa is one of my favorite things that we got from Queen City Home Store. It is a right chaise sofa which is upholstered in performance fabric made here in Kings Mountain, NC. Performance fabric basically means that it is very easy to clean. Even if you spill red wine on this sofa, it will easily wipe right off which is really good for us because you all know that I love a good glass of red wine. The entire sofa is handcrafted right here in Hickory, NC which I also really love. The sofa is manufactured by CR Laine and we just absolutely love it. It is so comfortable and fits in so well with our space. We couldn't be happier with it! Below is the specific sofa that we acquired. 
  • Sofa: CR Laine Sectional

2)Pillows- All of the pillows on our sofa and side chairs also came from Queen City Home Store. Cathy Jones helped us pick out these pillows based on the color palette that we were looking for and they are absolutely amazing. They are the best quality pillows that we have ever owned and are made of real velvet. I couldn't love them more! Below are specific details on the pillows we acquired. 
  • Sofa Pillow 1: Lacefield & Decorum-Velvet Pink Linen Border
  • Sofa Pillow 2: Lacefield & Decorum- Custom Lumbar Pillow
  • Sofa Pillow 3: Lacefield & Decorum- Jolinda Strip Pillow
  • Chair Pillow: Fibra- Filigree Gray Leather Lumbar

3) Living Room Rug- This is another one of my favorite things that we got from Queen City Home Store. Cathy helped us pick this one out. I told her I wanted our color palette for our house to be creams, whites, grays, and blushes and she did an amazing job of helping our vision come to life, especially with this rug. It is gray and white and has a really fun geometric print on it which gives our living room that extra pop that we needed to really make it stand out. The geometric pattern on the rug is a little raised which gives it a cool texture. It's also been very easy to clean and is super soft. I couldn't imagine our living room without it. Below is the specific rug that we acquired. 
  • Rug: Fiezy-Ice Birch Rug 

4) Entry Way Mirror- Our gold entry way mirror is another one of my favorite pieces in our home. Cathy also helped us pick this out. I love the geometric design at the top of the mirror, the brushed gold color to it, and how it fits perfectly with our entry way table. It truly couldn't be more perfect. Below is the specific mirror that we acquired. 
  • Mirror: Mirror Image Home- Distressed Gold Leaf Ironwood

5) Living Room Lamps- The lamp on our entry way table and the two lamps on our two side tables all came from Queen City Home Store. I couldn't love them more. They are all different and unique which I absolutely love. We also decided to do a different color in each one. One is white, one is blush, and one is gray, bringing all of our colors together. I have never seen lamps this unique anywhere else other than Queen City Home Store. I am so thankful to Cathy for helping us pick these out for our space because they fit in so well. Below are the specific lamps that we acquired: 
  • Lamp: The Natural Light- Shoal Beige Lamp
  • Lamp 2: The Natural Light-Mack
  • Lamp 3: The Natural Light- Lillian Blush Lamp

6) Side Tables- Both of our gold side tables are from Queen City Home Store and I am OBSESSED with them. As soon as my husband and I walked into Queen City, these were 2 of the first pieces that I saw and I knew that we had to have them. They are great quality and I know they will last us forever. I love how they also have a brushed gold finish which matches our entry way mirror and our curtain rods. Everything just all goes together so well. They also feature a mirror top which is really easy to take off and clean. Below is the specific side table that we acquired:
  • Side Table: Worlds Away-Gold Leafed Side Table with Mirror Top

7) Gray Accent Chairs- Okay, I would be lying if I said our accent chairs weren't my favorite pieces in the entire house. I say this because they are so unique and different from anything that I have ever seen before. I saw these two chairs with the two gold side tables when we went into Queen City and I also knew that I had to have them. My favorite part about the chairs are the unique wooden legs on them. They have a textured/painted look on the wood which really makes them stand out. I tell my husband all the time that these are our "cool pieces" in our house. I feel like they make the space that much better, they add a little flare to the living room, and the gray matches our color palette so well.  Below are the specific chairs that we acquired: 
  • Chair: Sarreid-Florence Chair

8) Throw Blanket- Our throw blanket which is thrown over our sofa is also from Queen City. Cathy helped us pick this out in regards to our color scheme. All of the throw blankets there are fabulous quality and are all very unique. You aren't going to find blankets like this in Target or anywhere like that. These are one of a kind pieces and you will be sure to find something that fits your house and your color scheme in the store. Below is the specific throw blanket that we acquired:
  • Throw: Herringbone- Light Gray Throw

9) Ginger Jar- Our ginger jar which is sitting on our entertainment center to the right of our fireplace is from Queen City. I had no idea what to put there and Cathy immediately showed the ginger jars that they have there. I love the simplicity of it but how it makes such a statement. This is one of our favorite decor pieces in the house. Below is the specific ginger jar that we acquired: 
  • Jar: Emissary-Ginger Jar White

10) Breakfast Nook Plant- The plant sitting in the center of our breakfast nook table also came from Queen City. Fake plants are really hard to find because most of them look so cheap. The ones at Queen City Home Store are absolutely beautiful and don't look fake to me at all. I love the quality of this one and how it just fits perfectly in our breakfast space. I was really excited when Cathy helped me find this one. Below is the specific plant that we acquired:
  • Leafs: Monstera- Glass Pyramid Arrangement
**Remember, to order and receive your 10% offer, visit Queen City Home Store or Call 704-889-3301. Located at 11501 Carolina Place Parkway Pineville, NC 28134. Exact item names are listed underneath each description above.**

I also wanted to make a quick note that we purchased our living room TV and washer/dryer from Queen City Home Store. Our TV is an LG TV and our washer/dryer are both Maytags. Both have been exceptional quality. Queen City has an excellent selection of appliances and I highly recommend looking here if you are in the market for anything.  Another great aspect is that they will come mount/install any equipment that you purchase from the store. 

Other Items in our Home: 
1) Antique Bronze Task Floor Lamp - This lamp is in our living room, sitting right beside the right chaise of our sofa. We wanted to add this lamp over on that side of the sofa to give us some extra lighting. It was really easy to put together and I love the antique bronze finish on it. 
2) Cream Tufted Armchair- This arm chair was a perfect addition to our living room. I was not sure what to put on the left side of our fireplace so I decided to make a little seating area for guests when we entertain. This chair is super comfortable and the color and size is perfect in our space. 
3) White Fuzzy Decor Pillow- These pillows are great quality and will add a fun pop of color to any room. I have this pillow in our living room as well as one in my getting ready room! They come in many colors and I highly recommend them. 
4) Sea Urchin Wall Decor in Gold- I absolutely love this wall decor! We put it on the wall next to our extra seating area in the living room and I think it fits perfectly there. Gives that wall a little decor without being too much. 
5) White Entertainment Center- This entertainment center fit perfectly beside our fireplace. It was the perfect addition to this space and wasn't too hard to put together. I highly recommend! 
6) White Pouf- We added this white pouf in between our 2 gray chairs from Queen City Home Store to give people somewhere to prop their legs up when they were sitting there and we couldn't be happier with our purchase. The price is amazing and the pouf comes in 33 other colors. 
7) Ceramic Pineapple Jar- One of my favorite decor pieces in our house! Fits perfectly in our living room with all of the other gold accents that we have going on. 
8) Rose Gold Round Metal Candle- One of my favorite smelling candles. This candle is a must have!! Also comes in solid gold. 
9) Gold Mirrored Tray- We have had this tray for a couple of years and I just love it so much. It is a great addition to any coffee table or any room. 
10) White Bar Stools- My husband and I have actually had these bar stools since 2015. We had them in the first house we rented and we love them. The price is amazing and they are perfect for our kitchen bar. 
11) 19 by 16 Floating Acrylic Wall Frame and 12 by 14 Floating Acrylic Wall Frame- These wall frames were more than perfect for our gallery wall that we did in our hallway. I highly, highly recommend them!! 
12) Latham Mirrored Chest- This is the chest we have on our entry way wall and I love it. My favorite part is the distressed white finish and the mirrors. We actually use this to store all of our fine china and any entertainment pieces that we use when having guests over. 
13) Hydrangea in Acrylic Water Vase- This was one of the last things I found for our house and I think it is so perfect on our entry way table. This is a very high quality piece and the flowers do not look fake at all. Most people who walk in our house think they are real! 
14) Avondale Dining Room Table with 4 Avondale Dining Room Chairs and 2 Avondale Upholstered Dining Room Chairs- I can't tell you how much we love our dining room set. The wood is so beautiful and the chairs are comfortable and made out of the best fabric. I love the two tufted chairs on both ends of the table. You can also order this table in a bigger size if you have more room! 
15) Ames Vase Collection  with Cherry Blossom Stems- I could not decide what to put as decor in the middle of our dining room table and finally found these vases. They are absolutely beautiful and I could not love them more in our space. The cherry blossom stems add the perfect touch. 
16) Steam Fog Canvas- This is the large canvas that we have in our dining room and it is one of my favorite pieces in our house. It is truly the most gorgeous piece of artwork! 
17) Hemnes White Storage Cabinet- We have had this storage cabinet for a while and it is a great piece to have. We have a ton of glasses for entertaining and this storage cabinet is perfect to store all of those in. It is also easy to put together and comes in multiple colors! 
18) Laura Park Painting from Shain Gallery  - I looked forever to find the perfect painting to put over our bar cart in the breakfast nook area of our kitchen and just wasn't very happy with anything. When my mother in law was in town she told me about her favorite artist named Laura Park and that her paintings were sold at Shain Gallery in Charlotte. So we went to go check it out and I am so glad that I did. Shain Gallery is the most amazing art studio right near Selwyn Pub in Charlotte and they feature so many local Charlotte artists. I immediately fell in love with this abstract painting by Laura Park and knew it would be perfect in the space. Shain Gallery actually let's you borrow paintings for a certain amount of time so that you can take them to see how they would fit in the space in your home which I LOVE. I ended up buying another painting from there too that is in our bedroom. I will be showing that one in another blog post. If you are in Charlotte and are looking for some unique wall decor, I highly recommend going to Shain Gallery. You will not be disappointed!! 
19) Terrace Gold Bar Cart- This is one of my favorite additions to our breakfast nook area in the kitchen. I have been wanting a gold bar cart for so long and this one is perfect. It was so fun decorating it! 

I am SO sorry for how long this post is. For those of you who read through most of this then I highly commend you and thank you so much. Giving a home tour is not easy and I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss out on any details. I tried to tell you where most of our furniture and decor is from but if there is anything you see that I did not tell you about please send me an email and I will do my best to find it for you or find something very similar! 

I will be doing an event at the Queen City Home Store on May 24 from 6-8 pm. There will be small bites and drinks there for you to enjoy as you browse the store. There will also be specific offers on select items only for Mumu&Macaroons attendees. Stay tuned for more information! :)  

I hope you all enjoyed our home tour and I can't wait to show you more of our rooms. It has been so fun moving into our first home and we are so thankful to Queen City Home Store for helping us with most of the furniture, decor, and design. My husband and I are so blessed for this new chapter in our lives and we love you all more than you know!



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  1. This is stunning! Definitely what I would want my home to look like! Love! Once I start furnishing our home (once we buy one haha) I'm coming back to this post for inspiration! xo


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