Monday, May 21, 2018

Home Tour 2-Our Master Bedroom

Happy Monday everyone!! I am excited to finally share our Home Tour post number 2 with you all which includes our master bedroom and bathroom! I meant to share this with you earlier but things have been so busy so I apologize for the delay. 

Not that much has changed in our bedroom from moving from our last townhouse to our new house. We kept all of the same furniture except for a couple of pieces and basically just updated the look with new decor and accessories. My favorite part about our bedroom is what you see right when you walk in the room, our bed. Our bedroom furniture including our dressers, bed frame, and side tables are all from Rooms to Go. We have had these pieces for about 3 years and truly love them. Most people probably think Rooms to Go is poor quality because it is so much cheaper in price than most places, and some of the pieces are. But, we have truly enjoyed our bedroom furniture and could not be happier with it. I hope it lasts for more years to come! 

My absolute favorite piece in our bedroom is the painting above our bed. I got it from Shain Gallery in Charlotte. Ladies, if you live in Charlotte and are looking for some good artwork, I highly recommend Shain Gallery. I walked in here and found 2 beautiful pieces for our home. The one above our bed and the one above our bar cart in our kitchen. To see the piece in our kitchen make sure to check out my first home tour blog post here. I had been looking for a piece for over our bed for a while and just couldn't find anything that I loved. Our colors throughout our home are grey, white cream, gold, and blush and I really wanted to find an abstract piece that incorporated all of those colors. As soon as I walked into Shain Gallery, I saw this amazing painting by Lynn Sanders and knew it would be perfect in our room. They actually let you take pieces from the store and "rent" them for 24 hours to see how you like them in your space. As soon as I got this one home and on our wall I knew I would be keeping it. I couldn't imagine our room without it! I feel like it ties everything together perfectly. 

Below are details on where we got main furniture pieces in our bedroom (click on the name of each item for it to take you where to purchase): 

1) Grey Headboard- We have loved this bed frame from Rooms to Go for years! It comes in 2 other colors and is only $300. Such a steal! 
2) White Nightstands- We also got these from Rooms to Go and they are probably my favorite out of the collection. They have 2 huge drawers for plenty of storage as well as a shelf that pulls out of the top to give you extra room to set your drinks on at night, etc. It is so handy!
3) White Chest- These are also from Rooms to Go and match our nightstands. This set does come with a dresser but we went with 2 chests because it made more sense in the layout of our room. The chests are well made and have plenty of storage. 
4) White Duvet Cover- Found this beauty at Crate and Barrel and immediately fell in love. I LOVE an all white bedroom. To me, there is nothing prettier than that. This one has a fun textured pattern around the trim and is a linen material which I love because it doesn't have to be perfectly ironed. It is supposed to have a more wrinkled, messy look. 
5) Quilted Euro Shams- These quilted shams match perfectly with our duvet cover. I love mixing the different patterns together. 
6) Ivory Fuzzy Pillow- I think this big fuzzy pillow is the perfect addition to our bed. I absolutely love these pillows and highly recommend them! They also come in 2 other colors. 
7) His & Hers Lumbar Pillow- I actually found this pillow a few years ago at Home Goods and can't link it for you guys. I'm sorry! I absolutely love it though. Perfect for a master bedroom. If I find any similar to it I will let you know!
8) Basketweave Throw Blanket- I looked everywhere for a throw blanket that would look perfectly on our bed and finally found this one. I LOVE it. The neutral colors go perfectly with our bedroom and I love the texture of it. 
9) Silver Lacquer Tray- My kitty loves to lay on a tray so I knew I had to find one for our new bedroom. This one is so pretty and comes in 3 other colors. 
10) Silver Side Table Lamps- We also got these a few years ago and love them. They are the two silver lamps on both of our nightstands. I love how clean and simple they are! They are on major sale right now too. 
11) Blush Vase and Grey Teardrop Vase- Both of these vases matched our room so perfectly and are great decor additions to add to any room. They come in multiple colors. 
12) Gold Geometric Wall Mirror- This is very similar to the little gold mirror that is hanging above our chest and I love it! We've had it for a couple of years. 
13) Ivory Accent Chair with Ottoman- We also got our accent chair from Rooms to Go when we got our other furniture. It comes with a matching ottoman which I love. I thought I would get us a new chair when we moved to our new house but when I saw this one in our room I thought it fit perfectly so we decided to keep it! 
14) Blush Throw Blanket- The exact blush colored throw blanket that I have on our accent chair is sold out but this one is very similar and I like it just as much! 
15) Silver Side Table- This side table is very similar to the one we have beside our accent chair. The one we have is from Home Goods. This is such a great table for any room! 
16) Large Curved Basket- This is the decorative wicker basket that we have beside our nightstand and it is perfect for storing 2 of our big blankets! I love how big it is. 
17) Gold Bench- This is the gold bench that we have sitting right in front of our bed. It is the perfect size and a great addition to our bedroom! 

I am not going to link all of the items in our master bathroom just because everything is from so many different places but if there is anything that you see that you are interested in please let me know and I can tell you where to get it! 

I hope you love our master bedroom and bathroom as much as we do. We eventually want to upgrade our bathroom a little bit and get new vanities, mirrors, and lighting but we like the way it is enough for now. We also eventually hope to be able to do hardwood floors throughout the entire house. We are hoping to make some of these updates in the next year or so but as you all know, updating a house takes a lot of time and money! So we will see!

In other news, it is my husband's birthday today!!! We are going to celebrate when he gets home from work tonight. I am SO excited for him to open his birthday present. Can anyone take a guess on what I got him?!




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