Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Paperbag Waist Linen Skirt

You all know that I love anything with a paperbag waist this season which is why I am dying over this paperbag waist striped skirt. It's a linen blend which I love and has the cutest little buttons down the front. The neutral colors of this skirt makes it a skirt you could wear all Summer long and into Fall. Just to let y'all know, this skirt does fit true to size. I normally wear a US 4 in Topshop and that is the size I got in this and it fits great. Topshop sizes can usually be a little funky so just make sure that you really pay attention to the sizes in the parenthesis because it will really help you to figure out which size you need.

I love this skirt tucked in with a colorful tank and this cowl neck camisole is one of the best camisoles that I own. It comes in 7 other color including the olive one that I am wearing and it is just so perfect for so many things. You can wear it tucked into any of your favorite shorts or skirts and also wear it with your favorite jeans. It's definitely a good staple piece to have in your closet. I am also wearing a US Size 4 in this top but if you want a more lose fit then I would suggest sizing up one size. 

So I feel like I haven't given a good life update in a while and I apologize about that. I have just been so busy! I am glad that I can sit down this morning and take some time to write a little more than I normally would. So life recently has been pretty good. As all of you know, my husband and I bought our first house and we are all settled in. We hosted a bunch of people over for the first time last weekend and it was so much fun. Entertaining at our house is one of my favorite things to do. 

There have also been a lot of struggles lately as there are in many stages of life. Father's Day is this weekend and I still have not spoken to my dad. At this point it has almost been 2 years. He has reached out to me and called but in 2 years he has never left one voicemail. With the state that he is in, I don't feel right answering the phone or talking to him until he is ready to stop playing the victim and actually ready to get some help. I pray everyday that he will realize that he needs help. When someone has a drug addiction, we all know the first step to recovery is realizing you have a problem. Until you realize this, there is unfortunately nothing that anyone can do. It breaks my heart but it's true. I don't know when or if that will ever happen but I have to keep praying and keep having faith that God will continue to work on him. So needless to say, this weekend will be very hard for me but I am lucky to have some other amazing men in my life that we can celebrate including my father in law who is one of the greatest men I have ever met. He is about as good as they come!

I have also been struggling lately with feeling left out and unworthy. This has been due to various situations. I will tell you, the feeling of being left out SUCKS. It is definitely a feeling that no human wants to ever feel. As I have wrestled with these emotions I have tried seeking peace in God and knowing that He loves me and that everything is happening for a reason. Although things may not feel great right now, I have to continue to believe in that. I also just have to remember to always treat people the way I would want to be treated even if that isn't always what is done to me. At the end of the day, we can only control the way we act and the things that we do. As long as we can rest our head easy at night knowing that we are doing the best we can, then that's all that we can ask for. 

I am trusting that although I may be feeling a little down on myself right now that God has my best interest at heart and He is in control. One bible verse that I have been repeating to myself over and over again that has really helped me feel peace is "Those who trust in the Lord will find new STRENGTH"-Isaiah 40:31. I know that if I continue to trust in the Lord then I will gain strength and eventually these feelings of unworthiness and emptiness from being left out will eventually go away. The Lord is faithful and for that I am so thankful! 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week. I will be checking back in very soon!




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