Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep

Hey friends! I am currently writing this from Disney World :) The yearly Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here!!! Y'all this is my favorite sale of the entire year and I am SO excited! I also really love Fall clothes (maybe even more than Summer clothes) so that makes me even more excited about this sale. 

This sale is amazing because these are BRAND NEW FALL items that are only going to be discounted for a short amount of time. After the sale, the items all go back to their original price. Brands that NEVER go on sale go on sale during this amazing event and it is such a good time to stock up on all of your jeans, shoes, cardigans, jackets, and Fall staple pieces. So trust me when I say that you do not want to miss this sale! If you are not sure what all of the excitement is about this sale, I wanted to break everything down for you. I know that before I was a blogger I didn't really understand how great this sale was and I wish that I did! 

So what is it? 
Every year Nordstrom has a huge sale where they discount brand new Fall items before the season even begins. Most stores only put things on sale after the season is almost over and they are usually things that didn't sell during the season which is why this sale is so amazing. It is typically known as the NSALE. The sale lasts for a couple of weeks. 

When is it? 
  • July 11th- The sale opens up to Nordstrom Level 4 cardholders only. I am a level 3 unfortunately so I won't be able to shop this day. But Nordstrom let's the level 4 cardholders shop the sale one day early. So if you are a Level 4 cardholder, this is amazingggggg for you!!! 
  • July 12th- This is known as the "Early Access" Sale. All Nordstrom cardholders are able to shop the entire sale before it opens up to the public. Most of these items sale out soooo fast because they are so good so if you do not have a Nordstrom card you definitely need to go ahead and apply for one. The process is really simple. You can apply directly for one here. They have an option to get a Nordstrom Debit card or a Nordstrom credit card. I actually have both so you can apply for whichever one the you prefer! 
  • July 20th- This is when the sale is finally open to the entire public. So anyone can shop the sale, including those people who do not have a Nordstrom card. 
  • August 5th- This is the LAST DAY of the sale and after this day everything will go back to it's original, full price. 
So why should you shop this sale?

 I love this sale so much because it really is the best sale of the year. Most stores put things on sale towards the end of the season. This sucks for multiple reasons. One reason being that towards the end of the season most people are excited for the next season ahead and are looking forward to buying clothes for that. So you're not really going to get excited about a huge Summer sale when Fall is just around the corner and you are looking forward to buying boots and cardigans. Another reason is that most of the popular stuff has already been picked through and is usually sold out when you have a massive sale at the end of a season. Nordstrom does this sale before the Fall season even starts which is usually unheard of. That means that you get to pick the best of the best for Fall. Nordstrom always has the best trends, the best brands and the best items. Having this sale early allows people to get access to the upcoming Fall trends at a ridiculous sale price. After the sale is over with, everything will go back to regular, full price which is why it is so important to shop the sale while it is here. 

What are some tips for shopping the sale?
  • Figure out what you need & what you are wanting to shop for. I always like to take a look at my closet and see what it is that I need for upcoming seasons. Some of the most popular items for Fall are cardigans, tunics, jeans, jackets, and shoes. I would take a look in your wardrobe and see what it is that you need. If you need more Fall shoes, I would start looking at the shoe selection first before things start selling out. If you need jackets, look there first, etc. Just make sure to have some kind of tactic in mind. I know I personally am really excited about the shoes and denim. I absolutely LOVE Fall shoes. Boots and booties are always the first things I look at. I always can stand to use some new jeans so I always look at those next. 
  • Constantly check back in here on my blog at my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at the top of my blog. I will be shopping the sale right when I can on July 12th so I will be sharing all of my favorite picks from each category. I will also be sharing with you every item that I actually bought (ahhh I can't wait!). 
  • Check out all of my social handles during the sale. I will be doing a ton of blog posts on all of my favorite picks as well as styling all of the clothes that I buy. There will be a ton of Instagram posts, try on stories, as well as exclusive looks at styled outfits from the sale on the LiketoKnow.It app. If you haven't downloaded that app yet make sure you do! I will be sharing a lot of looks on this app that I might not post directly on my Instagram feed. 
  • Apply for a Nordstrom card. This is KEY! All of the good stuff sales out SO FAST so if you want access to the best selling items, getting a Nordstrom card is the only way to go. Again, you can easily apply for a card here.
Nordstrom also offers free shipping and free returns so buying items to try them out to see if you like them is not a worry at all. If you don't like something you purchased or it doesn't fit right, it is SO easy to return. Nordstrom is so good about that. If you are unsure about something, I would order it anyways before it sells out and you can always return it via mail with a prepaid shipping label that is included or at your local Nordstrom store. You can also take a sneak peek at some of the items that will be in the sale by looking at the sale catalog here. Everything looks so good!!! 

Again, I will be updating y'all with all of my tips and favorite picks from the sale throughout the entire process so make sure to follow along and as always let me know if you have any questions! I hope you all are as excited about the sale as I am!




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