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Breathless Riveria Cancun Travel Guide

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This was one of our favorite spots on the resort. They have a swinging bar and sell the best pizza!

This was the Exhale/Relaxation side of the resort. This pool was very quiet and relaxing. 

They had the best/prettiest poolside drinks! 

This was the view from our ocean front swim up pool room. It was soooo gorgeous that it didn't even seem real. 

This was one of the second pools. This pool was my favorite. It is a mix of relaxation and fun. You can find places to relax but there is also some fun music playing at certain times of the day. It had the coolest little hangout huts in the water that are pictured here. 

Another view from the second pool. Hilary and I found ourselves laying on these trampoline hammocks a lot. When you lay on them you barely touch the water which keeps you cool while you are laying out. 

This is the jacuzzi pool that they have. A very relaxing place to hangout. 

This is the more lively side of the resort and definitely the most fun. There are champagne huts that you can rent out for the day and there is a foam party throughout certain parts of the day which is SO much fun. Feels like you are in Vegas. Great for a Bachelorette party or for those of you that like to have a good time. 

These were just some of the places to relax along the beach. Everything was so beautiful. 

This was one of my favorite parts about the resort. This clear infinity pool. How gorgeous is this?? I love how you can see under the water. I had never seen anything like it before. 

There were so many amazing restaurants throughout the resort including this one. This is where we ate breakfast/brunch most days! It was a buffet type of set up. 

This is a little sneak peak into their spa. It was SO gorgeous and we had one of the best massages ever. We also did the hydra therapy session which I also highly recommend. 

My good friend and I, Hilary Elrod, just recently visited Breathess Riveria Cancun Resort & Spa
We had the absolute best time and I am so excited to finally share more about it. If you are visiting Cancun, Mexico anytime soon or are wanting to plan a trip then I highly recommend this resort. It is one of the most beautiful resorts that I have ever personally stayed at. I am sure that you can tell that by all of the pictures above. Everything is white and clean; truly a blogger's paradise. But even if you aren't a blogger, you will not be disappointed with this place. It is also all-inclusive which I loved! The drinks were amazing, the food was amazing, and you didn't have to worry about paying extra for anything which is always so nice. All-Incisive resorts are my favorite. 

The thing I love most about this resort is the wide range of sections there are that accompany any personality and anybody. They have a quiet, more relaxed side of the resort called the Exhale section and they also have a party side of the resort where you can always find a DJ and even a foam party from time to time. This part of the resort truly feels like you are in Vegas. It is SO much fun. But then there is also a part of the resort that is kind of in between. This was my favorite part. This part of the resort had the most amazing pool and there were plenty of places to relax/get a good drink but there was also music playing most of the day. So you got the best of both worlds here. Most resorts I have gone to are all relaxing which is fine but I also love to have a good time so I love that this resort accommodates for people who also want that type of atmosphere. But then you can also truly get away and relax at a completely different side of the resort. It feels like you are at 2 different places which is really cool.

Our Stay:
During our stay at Breathess Riveria Cancun Resort & Spa, we were able to experience 2 different types of rooms. One night we stayed on a second level room which had an amazing jacuzzi on our porch overlooking the ocean and the rest of the nights we stayed on the first floor which had a swim up pool that overlooked the ocean. The swim up pool room was definitely my favorite. I think it is the coolest concept to just walk right off of your porch and into an amazing pool. The swim up pool wraps around the entire resort and you can only use it if you have one of the first floor rooms. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Hilary and I made sure to swim in it every single day during our stay. The rooms were also absolutely gorgeous. They were pretty modern and the showers are huge. The rooms definitely did not disappoint us at all. I would definitely stay there again! 

Dining & Drinks:
There are SO many amazing places to eat/get drinks at this resort and you can find all 19 options here. The resort features numerous beachside and poolside grills, a tapas restaurant, French cuisine,  middle eastern cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Asian Cuisine, local and international cuisine, Italian cuisine, steak cuisine, a Hibachi restaurant, and even a coffee and pastries bar. The choices are endless. It is an all-inclusive resort but the food was really, really good. Hilary and I were very pleased with every meal. The room service is also great! I would say our favorite meal was at the Hibachi restaurant. All restaurants and bars are all in very close walking distance as well. 

To Do:
There are many different things to do at Breathess Riveria Cancun Resort & Spa. We found ourselves mainly relaxing by the beach or pool most days but there are different activities throughout the resort that can all be found here. While we were there we got to enjoy a neon lights party on the beach which ended up being SO much fun. I love doing different things like that. It really made our experience that much better. They also host different events every single month at this resort. For example, in November, they are hosting a lot of Thanksgiving events including private cooking classes, blind dining, and chocolate tasting parties. They also have an amazing spa which is located on the resort. Hilary and I spent an entire day here and it was amazing. Not only was it beautiful, but they services were great and there were unlimited things to do. We also had the best customer service and one of the best massages I have ever had. They also offer a lot of different workout classes and even have great shopping located on the resort. 

Overall, I highly, highly recommend staying at Breathess Riveria Cancun Resort & Spa for anyone who is going to be visiting Cancun soon. Hilary and I truly had the best time and we already want to go back. Not to mention, the people that work there are SO nice. We had nothing but great interactions with everyone we came into contact with. I have had bad experiences with that at other resorts so this was really nice. To learn even more about the resort definitely check out their website here. They also include many other beautiful pictures and videos of the resort which you should definitely check out! 

If you have any other questions specifically about the resort and our stay please definitely let me know. I am more than happy to help! :) 




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