Thursday, August 30, 2018

Kendra Scott's Fall Collection

It is that time of year again! Kendra Scott has launched her new Fall Collection and as always, I could not be more excited! This collection may be one of my favorites so far and I am sure from the pictures above that you can tell why. 

You all know that I love Kendra Scott soooo much and have been an avid fan/buyer since she very first started her business. The jewelry is just such good quality at reasonable prices and it is unlike any other jewelry I have ever seen. Collection and collection again, I always find my new favorite pieces for the new seasons which ends up being staples in my closet for so many outfits. 

All of the pieces that I got from this new Fall Collection are featured above and I love each and every one of them so, so much. You all know that earrings are my favorite pieces of jewelry. I pretty much wear earrings with every single outfit that I own. These Russel Gold Hoop Earrings may be my favorite statement earrings ever. Look how gorgeous they are! I got them in the Pink Rhodonite color which I think is so gorgeous but they come in 4 other beautiful colors as well. Another pair of earrings that I got but aren't featured above are the Emmet Gold Statement Earrings in Gold Filigree. Now I really love these not only because they are so unique and make a statement, but they are solid gold which means you can wear them with anything. I loveeee accessories that you can wear with anything. It means you get the most bang for your buck! These earrings also come in silver and rose gold. 

I also got 2 different types of bracelets from this collection. My favorite is probably my ride or die bracelet, the Edie Gold Cuff Bracelet. I say this bracelet is my ride or die because every collection I get it in a different color. This pink rhodonite may be my favorite color yet though! It is one of those colors that you can wear all year round. I love this bracelet stacked with another bracelet I got; the Tiana Gold Pinch Bracelet Set in Gold Filigree. It is a set of 3 gold cuffs all stacked together and I love them paired with other bracelets. It makes for some really gorgeous arm candy and what girl doesn't love good arm candy?! Both of these bracelets come in many different colors and metals so make sure you check them all out to see which you like best! 

This Kendra Scott Fall Collection really is one of my favorites to date. Make sure to check out the entire collection so you can see all of the beautiful colors that she uses in all of her pieces. There are lots of maroons, dark turquoise, pinks, browns, blacks, and greens. All of the pieces truly are so stunning. I can't wait to get some more pieces soon! I am also linking some of my other favorite pieces that I am wanting to get soon below! 

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week! Thank you to Kendra Scott for sponsoring this post. As always, the thoughts and opinions are all of my own. 




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  1. This looks like a purely basic and simple outfit. However, and as we say, the devil is in the details. This is a super-cute top for one thing! This is a super adorable T-shirt with the cap sleeves and the keyhole back. The jeans look cute here. I also like the skin-tone pumps. Pretty hairstyle and smile as well. Casual cuteness!


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