Monday, April 8, 2019

His and Her Nike Sneakers with eBay

It's about time Cam makes another appearance on the blog, am I right?? Haha I love when we are able to work on things together. It makes it so much more fun :) Cam and I made it part of our New Year's resolutions to start working out together and we have stuck to it. It's been so much fun to do this fitness journey together. Do you know that some people say you should replace your tennis shoes every 6 months or so? At least for those people that work out and run/walk a lot. Cam and I recently decided that it was time for a new pair of sneakers for the gym and we both found our favorite pairs at eBay

We absolutely loveeee shopping at eBay and have been doing it now for a couple of years. I love how you can pretty much find anything you want to at eBay, even things that seem to always be sold out at other stores. The prices are also great and the shipping is fast. It is so fun to look around for unique things as well. I swear, it is crazy the things you can find on their website! The options are endless. 

Cam decided to go with these Men's Nike Airmax 270 and he loves them. I kept telling him he needed an all black pair of tennis shoes and I'm so glad he finally found some at a great price. I have started to run a lot so I picked up these Nike's Women's Air Vapormax Flyknit 2 and I couldn't be more obsessed. The support is amazing and I have noticed a huge difference when doing my sprints. I also got them at a great price and the color options on eBay are endless. 

While we were looking for some new sneakers we also picked up some new workout looks. In my opinion, if you workout everyday, you can never have too many workout clothes. Cam and I both love Nike and eBay has the best Nike selection I've seen yet. You can check everything Nike that they have here. Shopping is also really easy at eBay. Just type in what you are looking for in the search bar and you will be surprised and everything that comes up. eBay also offers new deals every single day and you can always check those deals out at this link here

Thank you so much to eBay for sponsoring this post. As always, the thoughts and opinions are all of my own. 




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