Monday, March 6, 2017

Our Trip to Punta Cana!

Happy Monday beautiful people! I wanted to do an Instagram round up for all of my outfits that I posted while we were in the Dominican Republic! 

This first outfit was probably one of my favorites. I got so many compliments on these shorts. I have these shorts in a lot of different prints. They are perfectly highwaisted and perfectly flowy. They are shorts but swing like a skirt. They are just to die for. The print I was wearing is unfortunately sold out but I did link a lot of other prints for you. There are some banana leaf ones that are SO cute and perfect for summer! These shorts are perfect paired with any crop top. Some of the prints that I linked are on major sale so make sure to check them out. :) 

I bought this second bathing suit right before the trip and it is hands down the most comfortable bathing suit I have ever owned. I will probably only buy Show Me Your Mumu bathing suits from now on (I wish I was kidding!). The fabric on these suits are just so soft and they hug in all the right places. Best of all, they run true to size and are not super small like most swimsuit lines. I wear a true size small. You know how most bathing suit bottoms are too tight and can tend to give you that muffin top affect? Yeah, these don't do that. They are hands down perfect. Their bathing suits also came in many different prints so if you don't like this palm one, there are many others to choose from. 

This third bathing suit is the best one piece everrrrr!!!! I am so glad that one pieces are back in style. I absolutely love them. I buy all of my one piece bathing suits from Missguided. They always fit me perfectly (I wear a UK 8 and I am a US size 2). You also can't go wrong with the price. I have never seen a bathing suit from them that is more than $40! You can't beat that. Plus, they have such a great selection. I highly recommend their swimsuits, especially if you are looking for a great one piece. 

The last outfit that I wore in the DR is an incredible maxi from Show Me Your Mumu. It laces up in the front and goes low in the back. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Hands down one of my favorite maxis ever. It is the perfect mix of sexy and casual. I love it paired with these Vanessa Mooney earrings, which by the way I can't get enough of! I have them in sooooo many colors. 

We stayed at the Melia Caribe resort in Punta Cana during our trip and it was amazing. The resort is absolutely gorgeous and the beaches there are just to die for. If you are looking to plan your next getaway, I highly recommend this resort. Definitely reach out to me if you have any questions about it! 



  1. Katy, loved seeing these all on IG--I love show me your mumu --they really are a resort & fun brand--Happy Monday!--Katelyn/

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