Friday, October 13, 2017

Ruffles and Suede

All Photos by: Jim Trice Photography

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I am so excited to be saying that. I actually can't believe that I am saying that because it has been one of those weeks that has flown by. I always love weeks like that though! I wish I could say that we were just hanging around the house this weekend getting things done but we have another busy weekend ahead. Tonight we actually have a wedding and then tomorrow we have an engagement party. I am looking forward to both though. They will be a great time for sure. 

I thought this whole look from Vestique was perfect for starting the weekend off. I was there modeling the other day and ended up putting both of these pieces together on accident while I was in the middle of changing and I loved them together. So of course I had to keep it. I think the ruffle sleeved sweater is absolutely perfect with this suede skirt. My favorite part about the skirt is the gold hardware detailing. It gives the skirt that little extra something that makes it more than just a suede  skirt. I also love how the skirt is so versatile. You could wear this with so many things. I also think it looks amazing with a cropped sweater tucked into the front or a bodysuit. This fun little ruffled top also comes in 3 different colors and is such a good staple to have in your closet for Fall. 

You know those nights where you have the best time ever and you weren't planning on it? We had one of those nights last night. I just got done shooting with my photographer and decided to meet my husband at Vivace, this Italian restaurant nearby. My friend Tessa ended up meeting me there after we ate for what we thought would just be one glass of wine and we ended up staying for hours. We had the best time laughing, telling stories, and just hanging out with each other. I didn't get home until after midnight which is late for this girl who is normally in bed by 9:30. I am definitely a little tired but nights like those are the best and you have to take them as they come. YOLO as I like to call it hahaha. I hope that you all have an amazing weekend!




  1. I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS OUTFIT. GIRLLLL stop being so adorable all the time!

    happy monday!


    Kelly Hoover |

  2. Such a cute look!!!!

  3. Awwww I'm so glad you had an amazing time girl! You and Tessa are both such sweet ladies!

    This outfit is wayyyyy too cute! Those sleeves are so much fun and that skirt is just perfect! I agree with Kelly ^ you are adorable all of the time!! <3

    Lots of love,


  4. So obsessed!! I need this entire outfit!


  5. I love this fall look and you pull outfits together effortlessly!
    Thank you for being an adorable style icon!

    xo jenna


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