Monday, November 27, 2017

Red Jumpsuit

I hope you all had a blast shopping Cyber Monday today! I know I probably did a little too much damage. But the deals are so amazing that I just couldn't stop myself. The best part about shopping Cyber Monday is not having to leave the couch. HA, can you tell how lazy I am?

Have you ever seen a red jumpsuit that you love more?? When I first saw this online I just about died over it. First of all, I love the color red and second of all, I love a wide legged jumpsuit. So this one crosses all of those boxes for me. This jumpsuit is SO perfect for any of your Holiday Christmas parties. You can't go wrong with wearing red to any of those. Also, can we talk about this gorgeous back? I think the open back is my favorite part of the jumpsuit. This one is a show stopper for sure. Just for reference, I am 5'7", wear a normal size 2, and I am wearing the size small with 4 inch heels. 

I think this look is so fun paired with a cheetah clutch and gold accessories. If you haven't been able to tell yet, this cheetah clutch is one of my favorite things that I own. I wear it with just about anything and everything. It is from one of my favorite boutiques, Red Dress Boutique, and they told me it is one of their best sellers. They have reordered it so many times because it is in such high demand. It's such a great quality clutch too for the price so I highly recommend purchasing! 

Speaking of Red Dress Boutique, I am here in Athens again to do another shoot with them. I actually got to meet one of my favorite bloggers today, Torunn, from BeYoutiful Blog. We are actually shooting together all day tomorrow and are staying in the same hotel room. We went to dinner tonight and I do have to say, it is so refreshing to meet people like her. She is so genuine and so much fun to be around. I already feel like we have so many similarities. I am so thankful to blogging for bringing so many new people and new faces into my life. It is truly such a blessing! 



  1. This outfit is perfect!

    1. Thank you!! Isn't it so perfect for a Christmas party?

  2. You are looking super fine in this jumpsuit Katy!! It looks like it was made for you, and you always look gorgeous in red!

    Lots of love,


  3. Red is such a gorgeous color on EVERYONE!! I remember someone once told me that red doesn't look good on I didn't wear red for about 10 years and now I'm like...WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! HHA! You make me want a jumpsuit. so cute!!!


    Kelly Hoover |


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