Monday, February 26, 2018

Beauty Works Hair Extensions

Extension Brand-BeautyWorks

Before Extensions!

Tape in Extension Process

Extensions after! So happy with the results! I got the 18 inch extensions. 

This is my after care kit that BeautyWorks gave me! It comes with shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that are perfect and safe to use with your extensions. 

This is Crystle and I, from Vain and Luxe. She did a fabulous job putting in my new extensions and she is just the sweetest! 

These are pictures showing that you can still put your hair up without seeing the tape from the extensions. 

As most of you know, I got tape in extensions put in my hair a couple of weeks ago. I am SO in love with them and wanted to tell you guys a little bit more about the process. 

Who did them in Charlotte? I got them put in by Crystle Monero from Vain and Luxe CLT. She is so talented and did such an amazing job. Her instagram handle is here and her website is here. I would definitely reach out to Crystle for a consultation if you are interested in having tape in extensions. She is located in the Sola Salons in Charlotte right off of South Blvd where Oku and Free People are located. You can email her at or give her a call at 980-244-1599 to set up an appointment.

What is pricing like? I have gotten this question from a lot of you and unfortunately it is not a question that I can directly answer. Pricing depends on your hair type, length, what type of extensions you want, etc. So you must make an appointment first and complete your consultation before you can know how much they are going to cost. The consultation is so quick and easy though! 

What was the process like? This was my first time ever having extensions so the process was totally new for me. I was surprised at how quick and easy the entire process was. I went into meet with Crystle for a quick consultation. It only took about 30 minutes and basically she just looked at my hair and we decided on what length and color I needed to go with. You have to go in for a consultation to ensure that your color matches perfectly and then the extensions themselves have to be ordered. The extensions were ordered and arrived within a few days (so a very quick process) and she actually put them in for me the very next week. The process of putting them in was completely painless. It didn't hurt at all and there was no discomfort. It took a couple of hours only because after the extensions are put in you need to trim your extensions to make them blend in with your hair seamlessly. Then of course, you will want them to be styled the way you want them. Crystle did an amazing job of curling my hair after the extensions and trimming were done! So the entire extension fitting includes installation, blending cut and style on clean, dry hair. A wash and blow out can be booked as an additional add on as well. 

What brand of extensions did you use? So let me tell you a little bit about the brand of extensions that I used. The brand is called BeautyWorks and you can see a ton of pictures of their extensions on other people on their Instagram page here. BeautyWorks brand hair is made by 100% human virgin remy hair that is colored by hand and can be re-used over and over again up to one year, sometimes even longer with proper maintenance and care. I was really excited to use this brand of extensions because they are used by some of Hollywoods biggest stars such as The Kardashians, Katy Perry, and even Victoria Secret models. So far, I have absolutely loved them. They are so soft and feel exactly like my natural hair and the color matched absolutely perfectly with my already balayaged hair. I also put in 18 inch extensions for those of you wondering which length I went with! You can obviously go longer or shorter than this, depending on what look you are wanting to go for.

What are tape in extensions like? The Tape in extension method is done by attaching the extension to your natural hair with medical grade tape. It lies completely flat and is the lightest hair extension type available on the market. I seriously can't even feel that I have them in my hair unless I am actually reaching to feel them on my scalp. Tape in extensions have the versatality of being styled in many different ways. You can even do high sleek ponytails without seeing any of the tape from the extensions. The application lasts between 4-8 weeks before needing maintenance and works for most hair types. 

What is maintenance like afterwards? So far maintenance has been really easy! The only change I have really had to make is how often I wash my hair. I was washing my hair every single day which isn't good for your hair anyways. With the tape in extensions, it is fine to wash your hair whenever you would like but they will last longer the less you wash them. Also, since your hair will be a lot thicker from the extensions, it will take longer to dry so you will definitely want to cut down on drying time by not washing your hair as frequently. Right now I am trying to only wash my hair 2-3 times week. I am doing this by obviously just using a shower cap when I shower and by using lots of dry shampoo. It's amazing what a good dry shampoo can do! My absolute favorite dry shampoo to use is Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. It's amazing, smells good, and leaves zero residue in your hair. Also make sure to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair. This will help the tape ins to last longer. When I do dry my hair I just dry the root with a hair dryer first and then try and let my hair air dry as much as possible before drying the rest of my hair. This cuts down on drying time significantly and I also find myself washing my hair at night instead of in the mornings now. I would also recommend getting a silk pillow case to sleep on. Silk cases are better for hair extensions and cause zero damage while sleeping. Putting my hair up in a pony tail hasn't been a problem at all either. I am still going to the gym everyday and putting my hair up. So really, not much has changed! I am really, really pleased with everything and I think that I will continue to use the extensions for months to come. 

I hope that this was informative for all of you. I tried to go over everything that I could possibly think to go over. Overall, I am SO happy with my decision to try out tape in extensions and I will continue to use them. I highly, highly recommend Crystle from Vain and Luxe CLT and highly recommend the BeautyWorks brand. They have both been amazing to work with and I promise that you won't be disappointed. If you have any other questions at all about the extensions or the process please either leave a comment on this blog post, send me an email at, or you can send me a DM on Instagram-@mumuandmacaroons. I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Love you all and hope you have an amazing week! My husband and I are moving into our new house this week! Eeeeekkk I am SO excited! Moving is never a fun process so wish us luck! I can't wait to get settled in and start the decorating process. Can't wait to show y'all before and after pictures. :) 



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